Theme Driven

My workshops are built from general discussion or from a list of chosen or suggested themes. These can cover a list of varying topics that you want to address.

I have a list of topics that you can choose from, or based on discussions we have, together we can come up with a suggested topic to pursue. These workshops are designed to focus mainly on a specific theme in order to really hone in on specific areas and the subjects related to those areas.


  • Specific theme
  • Several options
  • More narrow focus

My aim is provide something that is valuable and that will benefit you in the ways that you are looking to grow. The goal of these workshops are to be fun and engaging, but also transformative and intensive. My objective is for you to leave the workshop with a clear path forward that extends beyond our sessions.


Business and Life Coaching

Thressa Dorsey is an expert listener and is dedicated to helping you move forward in either your career or personal life. Choose A Listening Heart Coaching to grow and achieve your goals and dreams.

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